Moi Natural


A concoction of pure plant extracts and minerals. Moi products are 100% natural and are made only with purest coldpressed and essential oils and extracts of flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves alongwith earth extracts. Moi believes that nature has the answer to all our queries. Moi brings the goodness of nature to you in a bottle by making magical concoctions. All the ingredients used for Moi are of the highest quality and grade. These are exquisite plant & earth extracts obtained from nature which are elixirs for our skin and hair. Moi ingredients are obtained from all over the world because each plant requires a unique environment and each extract is a specialty of a certain region. We get the best of the best ingredients to create wonder recipes and the results go beyond imagination.




Moi is designed for today's new age woman who is always short on time yet wants the best. All moi products take only seconds to minutes to apply. 1minute (face), 3-5 minutes (hair/scalp), 3-5 minutes (body).  Each product works as an all in one agent and cures most of the skin and hair concerns. We can now say hello to glowing skin and lavish hair.

Moi is totally natural and heals the skin from within the inner realm. It penetrates deep to reverse all damage and brings back our baby soft and clear skin. Moi makes you more beautiful with her magical potions. You can feel the flowers, fruits, and seeds on your skin.

Moi--Nature in a Bottle, born after much intensive research in nature and beauty. Out of the box thinkers & miracle believing scientific minds research deep within the flowers, fruits, leaves & seeds to find the right ingredients and create the perfect recipe for you in this wonder product. Our love for nature deepened with the enlightenment that she provides all we need for a glowing skin and lavish hair. And, Moi is a true miracle - a gift from nature & the powers above. Moi ("me" in French) which is pronounced as "muah" means kisses in sound language and spreads love. The tag line is "beautiful You" enhancing a connection between me and you. And, so starts the moi story.