Bella -- Glowing Night Cream (Xtra Dry Skin)

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The Bella STORY
Glowing & Nourishing Antiaging Face Cream for Xtra Dry Skin


**INTENSELY REVITALIZING Facial cream CONCOCTION for Flawless Glowing Skin -- Bella gives the skin a beautiful glow.
** Clears age spots,  pigmentation/discoloration & tan, Finelines, Wrinkles, under eye DARK CIRCLES -- It is an cream performing many miracles making the skin radiant. 
**Only a tiny amount does wonders -- the goodness of nature in just one bottle. Brings Collagen regeneration & Healthy Skin. Bella is a youth elixir. 
** Bella is concocted with fruit extracts infused with youth elixir flowers of lavender & immortelle blended with anti-ageing pomegranate to create forever youthful glowing skin.
**Nature In a Bottle - 100% Natural -- Feel the Flowers, Fruits & Seeds -- Nourish your skin with nature.

Some more cool stuff about Bella
100% natural.
Made with plant based ingredients.
Made only with purest extracts of flowers, fruits and seeds.
No preservatives added.
No chemicals added. 
Vegan product.
Blended manually.
No animal ingredient.
No animal testing.

Apply sufficient amount of Bella to your clean pretty face (including the eye & neck area) every night & massage it lightly with fingertips. Wear it all night long. Let Bella do its work. Be nourished & wake up glowing with healthy skin. You will start seeing results within 18 days or before.

Evening Party Time
Apply a tiny-tiny amount of Bella to your pretty face if you have oily skin. Apply your regular makeup on top. 

Take Care
Do not wear Bella under direct sun else it might tan. You can wear it during the day indoors or if the sun is not strong when you are out.

Suitable for all skin types. 


Please store away from sunlight in a dry cool place. Keep jar tightly shut.

What more?

You will feel like you are surrounded by enchanting flowers when you apply Bella. You can feel & smell the flowers, fruits and seeds on your skin.

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