Glow -- INTENSELY REVITALIZING Face Oil CONCOCTION for Flawless Glowing Skin

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Glowing Face (Elixir) Revitalizing Facial Oil


**INTENSELY REVITALIZING Facial Oil CONCOCTION for Flawless Glowing Skin -- Glow gives the skin a beautiful glow.
** Clears under eye DARK CIRCLES, PIGMENTATION/Discoloration, after pimple marks & tan -- It is an elixir performing many miracles making the skin radiant. 
**Only 3 drops does wonders -- the goodness of nature in just one bottle. Brings Collagen regeneration & Healthy Skin. Glow is a youth elixir. 
** Glow is concocted with Coldpressed Pomegranate and infused with the youth elixir flower immortelle to create forever youthful glowing skin
**Nature In a Bottle - 100% Natural -- Feel the Flowers, Fruits & Seeds -- Nourish your skin with nature.

What's in it?
100% natural. Made with coldpressed natural & essential oils obtained from flowers, fruits and seeds to make you naturally beautiful. Glow is concocted with coldpressed pomegranate infused with the youth elixir flower immortelle blended in rose extracts to create forever youthful glowing skin. Exquisite oils from nature create Glow.

Some more cool stuff about Glow
100% natural.
Made with plant based ingredients.
Made only with purest coldpressed natural and essentials oils of flowers, fruits and seeds.
Although made only with pure oils, it is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.
No preservatives
No chemicals added. 
Vegan product.
Blended manually.
No animal ingredient.
No animal testing.

Apply 4-9 drops of Glow to your clean pretty face (including the eye & neck area) every night & massage it in till well absorbed. Wear Glow all night long. Let Glow do its work. Be nourished & wake up glowing with healthy skin. You will start seeing results within 18 days or before.

Evening Party Time
Apply 1-2 drops of Glow to your pretty face and the eye area and neck and massage it in till well absorbed. Apply your regular makeup on top. 

Take Care
Do not wear Glow outdoors in direct sun else it might tan. You can wear it during the day indoors or if the sun is not strong when you are out.

Suitable for all skin types. But, if you have acne prone skin, get Beauty instead.

10ml / 30ml

Please store away from sunlight in a dry cool place. Keep bottle tightly shut.

What more?

You will feel like you are surrounded by enchanting flowers when you apply Glow. You can feel & smell the flowers, fruits and seeds on your skin.

Moi can only ship within India currently.

Shanta Dugar reviewed Moi  5 star


Devanshi Rajgarhia reviewed Moi  5 star

I've been suffering from dark circles for years now and have used many under eye creams from some of the best international brands. These products have done nothing to reduce my dark circles but within a few days of using Moi blush I could see a major difference. It has now been just over two months and my dark circles have reduced by fifty percent. I also have a glow to my face and would recommend everyone to use this product.

Mita Rao 
Wonderful oil......glows your skin in few days!

Kamini Sharma

Dimple Agarwal reviewed Moi  5 star
I have been using moi glow and experienced a remarkable change in my skin ! I am extremely happy with this chemical free product 

Sudipa Sit
I have been using glow for the last three months and my skin looks amazing. I look at the mirror more now. I love glow. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Highly recommend!

Super happy using Moi products !!

Best food for my skin

At first, i found it a bit strange to apply "oil" on my skin ! But i decided to give it a try .. And now, having tried it .. i don't find any other product that gives me this satisfaction.

After a hectic day .. applying just few drops of glow relaxes me.
The lovely concoction really feels like nourishing food for my skin and the unique fragrance relaxes my senses too.
And no! There is no greasy feel to this oil !

A perfect transition to a good night sleep .
Go ahead ! pamper yourself with this buy. ( PS.. my actor friend took my suggestion and is in love with Glow too ✨)

Super happy 😊

Glow makes my skin feel pampered. Can’t feel night and day without glow. I want to pour drops of glow one after the other as I enjoy it on my skin . It shows great results on my skin every time whenever I apply it. All my scars goes away and skin is fully nourished and supple with glow drops is amazing product like all moi product with its unique concoction of secret ingredients. 🥰

It's Love

Glow oil nourishes my skin so well and each night I sleep with it’s sweet and natural fragrance which helps me to fall asleep stress free and soul soothing. Glow oil is love and I never miss applying it on my skin and makes my night a happy night and a good night for every night. A big applaud to the Moi owner for creating soothing oil glow as I am enjoying it every night it’s the pour which I never miss on my face to apply and crave for.

Leeza Hossain
Amazing product

Love the oil, skin feels so soft and I wake up with glowing skin in the morning!!!