RITZY HAIR (Control Hair Fall)

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Exquisite Hair & Scalp Spa Oil Concoction



Ritzy Hair is a therapy for your hair & scalp. It strengthens the hair follicles and helps reduce hair fall. It can grow new hair filling in the bald patches. Ritzy prevents graying and controls gray hair from spreading. It has anti-dandruff  properties. It helps cure dandruff. Helps improve hair growth. It helps treat any damage in the scalp & nourishes the scalp from within. Ritzy Hair helps make the hair thicker and stronger with the help of nature. Your scalp & hair will be healthy with Ritzy Hair. The minty greenery fragrance will leave you feeling fresh & relaxed.

What's in it?
Ritzy hair is concocted with coldpressed jojoba & omega enriched avocado infused with anti dandruff tea tree & growth generating peppermint blended in elixir of rosemary & vitamin A+E enriched carrot seed twirled in lavender extracts.

Some more cool stuff about Ritzy Hair
Made with plant based ingredients.
Made with purest coldpressed natural oils and essentials oils & extracts of flowers, fruits, leaves and seeds.
It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.
No preservatives
No chemicals added. 
Vegan product.
Blended manually.
No animal ingredient.
No animal testing.

Apply 1-2 pumps of Ritzy Hair all over the scalp in drops directly from the dropper. Enough to nourish the whole scalp. Massage it in. If you have long hair, take a few drops and apply to the longer hair as well. Apply Ritzy Hair once-twice a weekLeave it on for atleast 7-8 hours (overnight). In the morning you can wash it off or you can leave it in longer if you like since, it is non greasy and absorbs within some time. After shampoo apply a couple of drops to the wet scalp and leave it in. You can do this if hair does not feel greasy after.

Hair & Scalp
Suitable for all hair & scalp types.



Please store in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep bottle shut.

What more?
You will feel the touch of green nature surrounding you. The freshness in the air is filled with a relaxing minty fragrance when you apply Ritzy Hair. It will make you feel nourished & calm. You can smell the flowers, fruits, leaves and seeds and feel them all over your hair & scalp.

Moi can only ship within India currently.

DrBharti Aggarwal reviewed Moi  5 stars

Parul Tayal to Moi
I was suffering from severe hair fall but after using moi--Ritzy Hair for around 3 months my hair fall has dramatically reduced. I am very happy I found moi. I love the fragrance and my husband has stopped complaining about my hair falling all over the house. Thank you moi. I highly recommend Ritzy Hair. It's very effective and only a little amount is required for every use. One bottle lasts me around 3 months. 

Rajesh Swami
 reviewed Moi  5 star
I have used ur moi hair oil....it's results are really good.. n other person should also use this oil as this is natural n no side effects......

Rahul Tayal to Moi
I have used several products for hair fall ..Nothing worked ..Recently i bought Moi oil... It's really superb ..My hair fall has reduced ...everyone must try .....

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